Anova Food USA makes commitment at the Our Oceans Conference 2018

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During the Our Oceans conference 2018 that took place in October in Bali, Anova Food USA, committed to sourcing 100% of its tuna from traceable, sustainable sources by 2020. This represents 18,900 MT globally, including 6,600 MT from Indonesia. Sustainably sourced means either, in a credible Fishery Improvement Project or, certified against the Fair Trade and/or MSC standards. Anova will continue to support the implementation of full-chain traceability and efforts to combat IUU through its direct participation in the USAID Oceans and Fisheries Partnership and, in line with the Tuna 2020 Traceability Declaration. To achieve this goal, and with its commitment to Social Responsibility in Global Fisheries, Anova will support Indonesian small-scale tuna fisheries, working with over 3,000 small-scale handline fishermen in over 60 fishing communities in Indonesia, and will continue to commit $300,000 per year though direct or donor funding to programs and organizations involved in sustainable fisheries in Indonesia.