Vietnam FIP: F&L develops an app to collect information on bycatch

2Currently bycatch data is not collected consistently in fishermen logbooks. Therefore, Fishing & Living developed an app to collect data about bycatch species in handline and longline fisheries in Vietnam.  The app allows the surveyor to interview fishermen about their bycatch and is being tested in 3 tuna fishing ports. So far, the app has generated great interest from fishermen and the person conducting the survey as it easy to use with pictures of sea turtles and sharks  that help identify species accurately. The app is fast, easy to use and efficient. The data is currently uploaded to a Google Drive sheet, generating reports for each survey. This data will be used to measure the impact of the fishery on bycatch and ETP species through a risk assessment method and therefore, help design management measures to mitigate those impacts.


Article written by Hong Quang Dong