Vietnam FIP: raising awareness on vulnerable species through calendars

Fishing & Living designed and distributed calendars for fishermen to raise awareness on the importance of protecting turtles and sharks. For each month, there is some information and facts of the vulnerability and importance of different species of turtles and sharks. For example for January, the caption reads “For every 10,000 eggs laid on the beach, only one sea turtle will reach adulthood” or for April, the caption reads: “Using Circle hooks reduce sea turtle bycacth four fold”. We hope this is a good way to help fishermen learn about the importance of protecting sea turtles and sharks.

Calendars are indispensable in the life of Vietnamese tuna fishermen. In Vietnam handline and longline tuna fisheries, fishing trips typically last between 22 to 25 days. Therefore calendars help them keep track of time and know when it is time to go home. Knowing the lunar cycle is also important because when the moon is too bright, fishermen stop fishing and typically start their journey home. Fishermen also use the calendar to know the tide and when it is safe to go through difficult fishing grounds. During fishing, the calendar helps to keep track of when they set their gear and when it is time to retrieve it.

Fishing & Living printed 100 calendars to distribute for fishermen at in the three main provinces where tuna fishing takes place (Binh Dinh, Phu Yen, and Khanh Hoa). Government officers in fishing ports and Sub-DFISH will also use the calendars in their office and spread the awareness.


Article written by Hong Quang Dong, Vietnam’s Fishing & Living manager.