Anova takes part in International Coastal Cleanup Day

crop.jpgOcean plastics is an huge threat to the health of our oceans and the safety and quality of the seafood we get from it. This is why Anova/Fishing & Living works to raise awareness about this issue by organizing regular beach clean-ups in Bali (where its operations are headquartered). The last beach clean up took place on International Coastal Cleanup Day Saturday, September 21st, 2019.

Over 60 people from the Anova team and their families gathered at the Batu Belig Beach because it is one of the favorite area for tourists and local people to visit but it is also a beach where trash tends to accumulate due to the local currents, especially plastics waste, broken glasses of bottle and other non-organic trash. However, every year we have seen progress with less and less trash accumulating on the local beaches.

Recyclable items such as plastic and bottles of glasses were separated and then handed over to collectors.