Traceability – Pacific Islands

Traceability is key to ensure all tuna products are caught and produced responsibly. This is why Anova Food USA, through its Fishing & Living program, has committed to 100% traceable seafood by 2020. To achieve this, Fishing & Living and Anova Food USA work continuously to improve traceability systems in various supply chains and partnered with suppliers, NGOs, academia and government development programs to pilot and implement modern, reliable and efficient traceability systems.

Fishing & Living and Anova Food USA have partnered with fishing companies in Pacific Islands supply chains to implement traceability back to the fishing vessels. Supply chains from Pacific Islands countries are less complex than in Vietnam and Indonesia because Anova Food USA directly buys whole fish from fishing companies which are then processed into final products in Anova Food USA’s processing facilities where electronic traceability is in place.

Pacific islands_traceability.png
figure adapted from MDPI