Traceability – Vietnam

Traceability is key to ensure all tuna products are caught and produced responsibly. This is why Anova Food USA, through its Fishing & Living program, has committed to 100% traceable seafood by 2020. To achieve this, Fishing & Living and Anova Food USA work continuously to improve traceability systems in various supply chains and partnered with suppliers, NGOs, academia and government development programs to pilot and implement modern, reliable and efficient traceability systems.

As part of the Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) for the handline and longline yellowfin tuna fishery lead by WWF Vietnam, Fishing & Living and Anova food USA has partnered with Vinatuna (Vietnam Tuna Association) and WWF to implement a traceability system compliant with WWF’s guidelines for traceability (Fit for FIP) that allows to track all FIP products back to the fishing vessel. The system currently in place is paper-based and being tested but, plans are being developed to convert to electronic-based traceability in the near future such as electronic tally for middlemen and processors.

figure adapted from MDPI